Bower can be configured using JSON in a .bowerrc file. For example:

  "directory": "app/components/",
  "analytics": false,
  "timeout": 120000,
  "registry": {
    "search": [

Placement & Order

The config is obtained by merging multiple configurations by this order of importance:

  • CLI arguments via --config
  • Environment variables
  • Local .bowerrc located in the current working directory
  • All .bowerrc files upwards the directory tree
  • .bowerrc file located in user’s home folder (~)
  • .bowerrc file located in the global folder (/)

Example of CLI arguments:

  • --config.endpoint-parser=<parser>

Example of valid environment variables:

  • bower_endpoint_parser is evaluated as endpoint-parser
  • bower_storage__packages is evaluated as storage.packages

.bowerrc specification

Detailed description of available configuration variables can be found in bower/spec repository.