Bower is alive, looking for contributors

Hello world!

Bower turned three years old last September. That may sound old in JavaScript terms, but Bower is still kicking. 2015 has seen 9 releases already, included two minor releases, with v1.6 releases shipping last month. Looking at the stats, Bower usage continues to grow. Bower is more popular now than ever. That’s why we’re stepping up.

I’ll be real: We have not done a good job of managing the project. Ever since its release, Bower’s management has always been one of its pain-points. There is an ideal that a great open-source project will create a healthy community around it. I’ve come to learn it’s the other way around. In order to best support Bower, we need to foster its community. We want to fix this.

We are looking for contributors. Bower can use your help:

  • Fixing bugs and vulnerabilities
  • Replying to issues on GitHub
  • Writing documentation
  • Developing new features
  • Championing a product vision and roadmap

By contributing to Bower, you are working on a high-visibility project with tremendous usage. npm install bower happens 100,000 times a day. Adam has launched a crowdfunding campaign to provide monetary rewards for contributors. (I’ll also throw in a legit t-shirt and some stickers to sweeten the deal.)

Throw your hat in the ring by filling out this form, or just jump right in and get your hands dirty on some fresh issues.

Bower is made by people. It’s not just a bird logo. We need to bring people together to keep Bower going. Help us make that happen.